Nothing is more important than our why? Calvin Coolidge once said, “The nation that forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten.”  Lest we as a nation wish to be forgotten, we must remember those who fought and sacrificed as they answered our nation’s call. There has never been a more important a time in our nation’s history when we, Americans, must be committed to serving our country; serving the men and women who protect our homeland and communities; and serving our youth. A stronger America requires strong communities, families, and values.

Our Mission

Serve Who Serve will help create, connect and support organizations that are rooted in traditional values of God, Country, Family and individual responsibility and are committed to those who have, do or will serve to protect  our country and communities. 

Founded by Vol Montgomery, SWS has been quietly serving our Freedom Fighters and our youth since 2012. At little to no cost, hundreds of thousands of facilitated training space hours, infrastructure and funds have been provided to organizations that make America strong, safe and support the men, women and children that sacrifice everyday for our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. 

Our Vision

Serve Who Serve is committed to supporting those  who have, do or will sacrifice to protect our country and most importantly committed to  instilling traditional American values to the future of our country, our youth.

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