Vol Montgomery, Founder of SWS and Reveille Peak Ranch Owner

Mike Tacquard, Captain Texas DPS (Ret), CMSgt USAF (Ret)

Rick Fox, Strategic Branding Visionary, Leadership Consultant, Pastor

Executive Director CJ Johnson


Tim Kennedy,  

Special Forces Sniper /Army Ranger/ UFC Fighter

Dianna Muller, 27 yr Ret police, 3-Gun World Champion, DC Project CEO

Specialized Training Advisors

Tim Kennedy Special Forces Sniper / Army Ranger / UFC Fighter. CEO, SheepDog Response

dan edwards.jpeg

Dan Edwards, Special Forces for over 25 yrs, West Point Grad, Director of Ops at RPR

Mike Simpson, Airborne Ranger, a Special Forces Operator, and Doctor of Emergency Medicine assigned to JSOC

Clay Hergert, SEAL and Founder of ATX Precision & Carbine, LLC in Austin, TX.

Peter Johnson, USAF, Federal Air Marshall Team Leader and founder of Archway Defense

Approved Training Organizations

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