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A message from Tim Kennedy, Special Forces Sniper /Army Ranger/UFC Fighter

SWS primary pillar is to fund scholarships for Law Enforcement and Emergency Services to get the training, equipment and support they need. Our teams of nationally known elite training providers have come together under Serve Who Serve's scholarship program to provide this training to our American Heroes. SWS and our training partners will not make any profit from these scholarship attendees and 100% of funds go to our mission. To apply for scholarships, please click 

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SWS has facilitated training space for hundreds of thousands of hours of elite military training since 2012. SWS has also served as a connector of Military and Law Enforcement equipment and contractors who's purpose is to arm our Freedom Fighters with the most advanced products and tools in the industry. We will continue to support our War Fighters not only in Texas, but to seek addition locations from private land owner  training spaces around the country.

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The D.C. Project is 50 women, one from every state, meeting their legislators in Washington, D.C. as firearm owners and 2nd Amendment supporters.   The 2nd Amendment should not be a partisan issue and our goal is to take every member of congress to the range and educate them on firearms safety, all the while giving them the opportunity to get to know us as good, upstanding, responsible citizens.  Education is the key!  

Alliances & Partnerships

Promote appreciation, understanding, and conservation of the highland lakes area's natural assets and resources through field-based educational and recreational outreach programs. Making nature personal, from generation to generation.

Heroes on the Water, a 501(c)(3) veterans charity, creates alternative therapeutic programs to serve veterans, active-duty military personnel, first responders and their families. These experiential programs incorporate structured activities proven to improve the lives of these men and women. Each experience reduces the impact of post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury while providing much-needed camaraderie and support.

Raise ‘Em Outdoors is to dedicated to helping kids from any back ground get outdoors, learn all about hunting, fishing, and bringing food to the table.  We want to help recruit the next generation of outdoorsman, teach them respect for wildlife and to grow as ethical sportsman. We have created a great program to do so, breaking past any barriers families may have! Raise 'em Outdoors is its own 501c3 organization and you can donate by going directly to their website.

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