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CJ note: 4 memberships and then for the mil, LE is private login. It will almost be its own website in this one, but secure. this is all draft and just wanting your thoughts.......

Tom, how does Salesforce come into this membership and data of things work? Does salesforce also manage money donations as well? I don't have the bank accounts set or PayPal and need your help on best path forward

Membership for Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders ONLY:

Free. SWS Warriors Squad online community has features to apply for scholarships, interactive training videos, request to be vetted as a trainer, blog, post jobs, resumes, videos and network with others in this private community including random benefits and demos from our sponsors and partners. You must prove you are legit to join this private, secure space.

Civilian Membership- For those that want to Serve Who Serve:

Currently Free. SWS Patriot Squad is an online community that keeps the SWS mission fluid and robust by empowering civilians to support our warriors and advocacy initiatives. By joining the Patriot Squad of SWS, you will be kept up to date on our mission success, hear about ways to serve in volunteer capacities, be invited to special SWS events and other non-profit events as well as be notified of items or in-kind services needed to amplify the mission. Not everyone has had the honor to serve our country in the military, law enforcement or emergency services, but this is a way to serve your country now but supporting the efforts of those that protect our freedoms everyday.

Corporate Sponsor Membership- For companies that want to be GAME CHANGERS for our American Heroes:

Sponsorship levels will be listed out here. They are more for Rick's type clients like Dewalt, 3M, Polmolive, Dell etc. 

Tactical and Innovation Sponsor Memberships- For companies that want to support our SWS Warriors and have a unique product or service that improves their training to be the finest trained warriors in the world. Examples may be ammo, tactical gear, facility buildings, mobility vehicles, aerial drones, K-9 supplies etc. 

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